Love {Printable}

  As some of you may know, we built a house recently and finally moved in the beginning of June.  We have LOVED our home, and I have had a lot of fun decorating and designing different parts, room by room.  The littlest things seem to take me the longest though...I have two ladder shelves that have sat in my living room, EMPTY, for almost 3 months now :)
I couldn't take it anymore, and finally threw up some d├ęcor on these cute little shelves.  My favorite thing to decorate with are pictures of my family, but since we aren't doing new family pics til next month I figured I could fill some of my frames with some printables.  I particularly loved this one, so I thought I would share!
My big thing right now is trying to promote love and peace in our home...I think we ALL could probably use some more of that ;)  When I was little every time my little brother and I would fight my mom would start singing Love is Spoken Here, a beautiful primary song.  It didn't always stop the fighting, and it inevitably annoyed both of us...but the message did finally sink in.  I want our home to be a place where words are spoken with LOVE, and you can feel that love when you walk into our home.
If any of you have that same desire, feel free to right click on the pictures, save, and then print away!

I made this as a 5x7, so it will probably work best in that size :)
Here are the finished results...not too shabby!!
Now I only have about 1,429 more projects to do before the house is done! ;) 
Thanks so much for stopping by, hope you all have a fantastic day!!


Repentance Family Home Evening {Alma the Younger and Sons of Mosiah Repent}

Wow...where did the last 5 months ago?!  Life has just seemed SO busy, but now that 3 of my kids are in school and one is heading to preschool next week, I thought just maybe I could get back into this whole blogging thing ;)  I have missed blogging.  I can't guarantee how regular it will be, or how creative or great the ideas will be, but if you are still around I hope you will find something here of value or that brightens your day!
One TERRIBLE habit we got into over the summer was missing our FHE's.  I have felt inspired lately that my family desperately needs me to step it up, and make family home evening a priority for us once again.  With how often I plead with Heavenly Father to help me create more peace in our home and more love between my children, I figured a good start would be to listen the whisperings of the Spirit.  It has been prompting me to get back to the basics...family scripture study, family prayer and family home evenings!
With that said, we are continuing our lessons from the Book of Mormon, and this lesson is based on Alma the Younger and the Sons of Mosiah Repent.  You know I love a good printable, so I made this one up with a quote from Elder Richard G. Scott.

Once we reviewed the story of Alma the Younger and the Sons of Mosiah we talked about the different steps to repentance.  To help the kids remember them a little bit better and reinforce the ideas I made a simple matching game for them to play.  All you need to do is print this sheet out twice and cardstock and you will be good to go!  You could also just print out one sheet and let your kids take turns putting the different steps in the proper order...I just thought of that while I was typing! ;)
After our game I did a really simple activity that I found on Sugardoodle.  I printed off a picture of Alma that I found HERE.  Then I put the picture in a frame we had lying around and got a few little spray bottles and dry erase markers. 

We talked about how sin makes us feel...dirty, messy, and not happy.  As we were talking I let the kids go to town scribbling ALL over the picture of Alma.  Once they were done, we talked about how repentance can make us feel.  If we follow the proper steps we can be made clean again.  While we spoke about that I let the kids take turns spraying the picture with water...
I love object lessons like this because you can see the light go off for your kids...following the steps of repentance CAN make you clean again, just like spraying water on the picture made Alma clean again!
Overall, it was a simple, fun family home evening that the kids seemed to enjoy, and hopefully even learned something from.  I know beyond a doubt that my kids will face some tough things in their lives, as we all do.  As their mother I hope that they will make good choices, but I also know that they will fall short, as I constantly do.  It is SO important that they understand repentance and about the Atonement, so when situations arrive, they will know all is not lost and they will have the strength and fortitude to find their way back.
Thank you SO much for stopping by today.  I have truly missed this little blog of mine and hope to share more with you soon!


Spring Break fun...close to home!

My goodness its been a long time!  I'm excited to be back sharing something that I hope is going to  be lots of fun for my kids this week since we are on Spring Break!!!

I got this idea while were talking last week about where we would go for Spring Break, if we could go ANYWHERE we wanted.  My kids had lots of fun, crazy and expensive ideas ;)  Knowing that we would be staying close to home this week, I racked my brain to think up ways we could still have fun but not break the bank.  Here is what I came up with:

Three days this week we will be visiting some of my kids dream vacations...with a little bit of a twist ;)

First up- Safari Day!

I'm going to have this cute printable sitting out with dollar store binoculars and bags of animal crackers.  Some things we are planning on doing are:

Visiting Hogle Zoo
Animal Face Painting
Watch Madagascar 2

Second- Beach Day!

This printable will be sitting out with sunscreen, flip-flops, and some Swedish Fish.
Some thing we hope to do are:

Visit the new Aquarium
Make seashell frames
Watch Finding Nemo
Make homemade Pina Coladas 

Lastly- Camping Day! 

This printable will be out with all bug spray and ALL the stuff you need for S'mores:)  We plan on:

Going and exploring Scheels
Having lunch up in mountains
Making tin foil dinners
Roasting marshmallows over the stove and eating S'mores

I am SO excited to make the most of our Spring Break, even if we can't do a fancy vacation right now, and I hope my kids enjoy it too!


Let Your Light Shine for Singing Time!

Wow...where does the time go?!  I could give you a million reasons why I am a terrible blogger these days, but really...you've heard them all before ;)  Life is busy and chaotic, most of the time I feel like it is all passing by in a blur, and the blog is always the first thing that gets pushed aside.

With that said though, I recently got a new calling at church and am excited to share some of the awesome ideas I have found on other blogs and some things that are working well for me :)  I am the lucky lady called to be the Primary Music Leader...I kid you not, I think its the best calling in the church.  I am having an absolute blast teaching the kids new songs, getting to act silly with them, and prepare great activities to get them excited about singing too.  Mostly though, I love the Spirit that I feel there.  Hearing those sweet little voices sing precious eternal truths gets me every time...I'm probably the only music leader that cries every week :)

Since I only received this calling two weeks ago I haven't had time to do too many things yet, but the first thing I knew I wanted to come up with was a way to choose helpers during singing time.  I was previously a primary teacher, and without fail, EVERY week, the kids in my class would be sad that they hadn't been chosen to help during singing time.  I wanted to come up with a sure-fire way to make sure everyone got a turn to help, and I came this is what I came up with :)

Let Your Light Shine for Singing Time!

All you need to make some for your primary are a bunch of glow sticks, washi tape, a bucket and my printabes ;)

I simply wrapped a piece of washi tape around each glow stick and then cut it to look like a flag.  That step is SO not necessary...but looks a lot cuter ;)  Then I wrote the name of a primary child on each stick.  Every week I draw out my helpers, and they get to keep their glowstick after they help out.  Then I know by the time my bucket is empty EVERY child has had the chance to participate in Singing Time!

Last Sunday was my first week doing this, and I think it was a total hit.  The kids were so excited to get their glowsticks, and they were ALL reverent, hoping their stick would get chosen.  Another plus...you can get glowsticks for pretty cheap.  I got packs of 15 at the Dollar Tree and used washi tape and buckets I already had on hand.

Above are the printables I used to tape on the front of the buckets.  Feel free to save to your computer and print for yourself!

Thanks so much for stopping by today...any fellow Primary Music leaders out there?  I would love to pick your brains on how you are teaching this month's song, I Stand All Amazed... Leave a comment and share your awesome ideas :)


Importance of the Sacrament Family Home Evening

 Can you believe a NEW post?! 

Only took me about a month to share something with you again ;)  This has been one crazy winter at our house.  Between day to day stuff for 5 kids, a baby that seems to catch EVERYTHING from RSV to pneumonia, building a new house and a husband that now travels it monthly for work I have been in major survival mode.  With that said, life is GOOD and we did a fun family home evening last night targeting an area that my family certainly needs a little help with :)

Sacrament Meeting...it can be uplifting and edifying, and it can also be downright MISERABLE with little kids.  Lately I have been wanting to help my kids understand the importance of the Sacrament, and focus on ways we can get the most out of the ordinance.  I have especially been wanting to find ways to help my kids truly focus on the Savior during the Sacrament.  It really is such a short period of time, and I do not think it is too much to ask to expect them to be able to show reverence and respect.

To get started we talked about what the Sacrament represents and how we should act during it.  I found a really cute idea at Sugardoodle that my kids really enjoyed.  It is a fun little activity that compares how different children act during the sacrament to different kinds of animals.  

I thought it would be fun to print out each animal and tape them to a craft stick.  Then I let the kids each take turns picking and animal and reading how that animal behaves.  It was obvious which animal was reverent and respectful at church, and it was a great opportunity to talk about some of the animal behaviors that my kids exhibit from time to time that may NOT be so reverent ;)  Click HERE for the story at Sugardoodle and feel free to print out the animal printables above!

Then to end the night I gave the kids some simple notebooks I had put together earlier in the day.  We call them our Promise to Remember Books!

These are simply books for the kids to use ONLY during the Sacrament.  They were quick and simple to make and the kids LOVED them.

To get started I found these adorable notebooks at Target in the Dollar Spot.

Then glued a picture of the Savior on to the front and attached a big paper clip and a gel pen (both from the Dollar Spot too!)

On the inside I stuck 10 different cards with pictures of the Savior in the paper clip.

My hopes for these books is that my older kids will look at the pictures of the Savior and write down some ways they will strive in the upcoming week to remember Him, and the promises they have made to Him.  For the younger kids they can look at the pictures of Jesus and draw things they can do to follow His example.

Such a simple thing, but the kids were so excited to have their own books and now cannot wait for the next Sacrament Meeting ;)

I hope this gave you some ideas for helping your kids during the sacrament, and please...feel free to share!!  What successes have you had with your young children?!  Seriously, I need the help ;)

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Winter Olympics Week {Olympics Re-Cap!}

Hello everyone!  Did you all enjoy your long weekend??  We basically just did a lot of de-junking and organizing...boring but necessary! ;)

I am SO excited to be focusing this week on the Winter Olympics with my kids, and to get started I thought I would share some really fun activities we have done in the past that could totally be adapted for this years Winter Olympics.

First up, we made some super-sized Olympic Torches!

It wouldn't be a weekly theme at our house if we didn't include a fun snack...check out our Olympic Rings snack AND Olympic Rings Countdown Chain.

Finally, if you are a Utah local, take your kids to the Olympic Cauldron Park.  It is totally free and they have so many fun and interesting things to look at, including the real torch from the 2002 Winter Olympics and SO much more!

Stop by tomorrow for some fun Winter Olympic crafts...and have a great day! :)


Zodiac Sign Fun with the Kids!

As we are getting close to finishing up our week on the Chinese New Year I thought it would be fun to talk with the kids about all the different Zodiac Signs and find out which sign each of them are.

To get started I found this awesome Zodiac Sign printable at Spoonful.  It has each of the zodiac signs with the years that are attributed to that Zodiac.  It also has some strengths of each zodiac and shows what other signs you are compatible with.  Go HERE to print one out for yourself!

Once you discover what animal represents each of your children you can give them a Printable Mask of their animal to cut out while you read about their strengths ( and possibly wipe away some tears when one of your sweet little ones finds out her Zodiac sign is a pig and not the bunny she had hoped for ;)

After we looked at all the different signs we opened up our fortune cookies that we had made earlier in the day.  I had the kids guess what they thought the Zodiac sign was for 2014, and when we opened up all the cookies we took out the slips of paper and put all the letters together to find out the sign for this year...2014 is the year of the HORSE!

Tomorrow we are finishing off our week with some fun paper crafts so make sure you stop by!  Have a fantastic day!!